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A non-profit and operations hybrid company to create educational opportunities in communities of North America.

Innovation Project Spaces of North America Foundation (a registered State of California Non-Profit Foundation) and Innovation Project Spaces of North America, LLC is a Learning Center startup who strives to bring different types of education to different types of communities where support exists to do so.

We’re dedicated in the pursuit of our initiative to launch programs that aim to help humanity and people while learning from the experience.

Web Developer: Tom Ford is assisting the project with 18 years of innovation development experience helping small businesses and large organizations.

We’re driven by values

Our business and foundation are not driven by selling things. We strive to “fill the gaps” with education programs where they do not exist, saving companies money training employees, assisting students to acquire skills that are already needed in the marketplace and empowering entrepreneurs in the process.

We’re not the “competition mindset,” but rather people who believe in the power of support and availability to acquire skills that are already necessary in technology and education.

We aim to do nothing but learn and provide empowerment opportunity through this initiative.